Graphics Interchange Format, which is known as GIF is the influential idea that changed the internet. I first saw GIF through tumblr, and I still remember the first impression I had. It was simply amazing. GIF allowed people to expand their ways to share the ideas and images through the internet. Before GIF the only way to convey each others’ ideas was through images, that doesn’t move. Freeze images has limitations to express the exact information. At the past, if someone was curious about how the key and the locker function together, it would have taken a lot of images and words. But now, they could just search GIF through internet and it’ll show how it work with one scene right away. There’s a phrase ‘It’s better to show once than to explain ten times.’ GIF is the perfect source that proves it. People nowadays share their artworks and others artworks through many programs such as tumblr, twitter, Facebook etc. GIF have widen the scale. The most impressive GIF was the scenes from movies or dramas such as Skins or Hedwig and the angry inch. Actually that was when I first get to know the best movie in my life; ‘Hedwig and the angry inch’. I still remember the scene where a drag queen singer looks in to the camera with a sad face, with such femininity. People could actually edit the scene that spokes to them and share it. Furthermore, the influence of GIF isn’t limited to a simple share of ideas, but for many other uses such as advertisements, games, etc. GIF not only was a phenomenal invention, but also allowed the internet to progress. Therefore it is the most important design ideas through out the history.