Maleny Lopez September 2014 Wired II I personally believe that Infographics is the most important idea that shaped the Internet because infographics maintain people informed over a variety of subjects, which may or may not affect them personally in a simplistic, illustrative manner that is easy to understand. As stated in the article “9 Ideas that Shaped the Internet”, it presents itself as a sort of map for the information that is being provided all the while being visually attractive. People would rather read something with pictures and have their eyes being guided to a colorful image, as opposed to a book with words that go on for days and remain black and white. Humans, by nature, are more attracted to things that are colorful and simple. Infographics please both those who are simplistic readers, and those who are analytical readers because these charts provide meaningful information that everyone should know, and wants to know. Infographics demonstrate a person’s understanding of a subject. The research that goes into creating an infographic display’s a person’s knowledge over a certain category or subject (regarding the person that created the infographic). Infographics have also become an identifiable attachment of the Technological Era that we live in today. And because of the era that we are currently living in, we are surrounded by so much information that we are constantly trying to organize, accumulate, and process information and data that pours from every faucet of the technological world. Infographics appear throughout social media that are viewed by millions everyday, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Yahoo, YouTube, among many others, and consequentially have extreme viral capabilities, and can be seen from any part of the world, thanks to modern technology. So while infographics maintain people entertained to a certain extent, they always keep people informed by providing statistics and facts and ask questions that you might not have the answer to. This is why I believe that infographics are the most important idea that shaped the Internet.