The idea that i thought was the most important was the creation of the emoticon. I found it interesting that such a simple face of a yellow circle, two black eyes, and a mouth would gain popularity very quickly. The beginning of the usage of the smiley face on the screen with the ASCII Keys was also interesting for me since it was the start of all of the emojis of various kinds that we use today on our computers, tablets, and phones. I also liked looking at all of the first different Japanese emoticons that were being used with the face being represented with open and closed parentheses. They already had emoticons for feelings such as confusion, feeling stressed, and a wink with different symbols then the ones being used by Americans like a capital D for the grin, or a semicolon for the wink. I found it interesting that when the web chat first started getting introduced with AOL and IGN, the emoticons started getting popularized very quickly and people everywhere were using them all the time. I liked it when I read about the creation of the GIF emoticon, which opened up a whole new world of emoticon communication. With the combination of standard ASCII Key emoticons, smiley faces that express various emotions, the Japanese emoticons, and then the GIF emoticons there are so many possibilities of communicating with others that I find incredible. Now these emoticons have been given the second name of the emoji, and are being seen all over the place on phones with emoji designs, animated emojis, different sizes and even more ways that, at least for me, make talking to others just so much more enjoyable and fun. I use emoticons every day and I really liked reading about where all of this started. It was fun learning about the start of the smiley emoticon that started this trend of using these symbols and images to convey different emotions and feelings.