In my opinion the best design idea that shaped the web was Graphical User Interface, inspired by Vannevar Bush. I believe that without the GUI all the other design ideas wouldn’t be possible since it gives the user a more fulfilling experience and make it possible for us humans and users to shape the computer and the web the way we want instead of something already programmed. As Engelbart said we have to find out how computers could make humans smarter. Also the idea that the web is for everyone, makes it more accessible and approachable, instigating the creativity on other designers to build and construct their own web ideas or programming as others were developed later on. By opening the Internet up beyond the technical community, the GUI made possible for beginners to interact with their device such as any hand-held device (MP3 players, portable media players, gaming devices, office and industry equipment). GUI is present in our daily life that we now got used to it and don’t realize how much we are dependent on it such as ATM machines, touch screens, self-service checkouts, airline ticketing or check-in and Monitors or control screens in an embedded industrial system. Of course that the cell phones, and game systems also use the touch screen GUI, and now the newest way you can find GUI are in cars in their navigation systems. I also believe this one is the most important to me, because I know I could live without emoticons, or maybe the Nert Art in making love letters since I love making my own letters without interference or change of a machine. Of course I would love to have Scaleable Vector Graphics and Embeddable Fonts to help in my art making but that wouldn’t happen or exist if we didn’t have GUI.