Beautifulness, efficiency and usability, these are the first 3 words in my head relating to web design. And all these 3 are delivered by Graphic User Interface(GUI). The first impression that a webpage or software or a computer game comes from it’s GUI. Icon design, window arrangement, fonts and color etc. all these elements are unconsciously driving people to use web and software. Just compare MAC OS to old MS-DOS which is based on command-line interface. Reading bright white letters on a deep dark screen is like talking to a man that speaks without tune and accent.But look at a color desktop background with icons instead of all the pale letters is really a kind of attraction. And inside of all the fancy and beautiful things make people love using computers. Since pictures and sounds can not only carry much more information than words, but deliver information in a easy-understanding way, GUI enables people to be more efficient than any days before. Multi-tasking, folder and tag system, website navigation save people’s time from reciting/checking commands, which in the old days is necessary. And GUI created a smooth and reliable communication between user and computer. This means people can exchange information with a computer using the same language (gestures, sound responses etc.). This flow of information is making computer a powerful and efficient tool. And in the background, it’s GUI that supports this communication happening. Today, for most of purpose, you don’t need a teacher teaching you how to use a computer. click to open, drag and drop, green for yes/red for no etc. Designers always trying to make their GUI design quiet similar like in web browsers, you don’t really see any difference between Safari and Chrome which made by totally different company. And there’s more reasons why they are looking similar. Unlike in command-line interface, GUI enables designers to use sounds, animations, pictures to formulate that similarity, which most of the times, come from daily life and our mother nature. A trash bin is for deleting files, camera and photo stands for pictures, gears means setting, and the colors mentioned before. All these making people feel like something they have already learned during their daily life. And this type of design is enabled by GUI. Without GUI, computers and web could not make the huge global influence like it is making today.